Heat Loss Calculations

Traditional boilers have high-capacity outputs, producing high temperature into the heating system to achieve the desired room temperature. The system will keep you warm, but may not be energy efficient.

Why is a heat loss calculation important?

Understanding the significance of a heat loss calculation is paramount, particularly in the field of designing low-temperature heating systems such as heat pumps. These systems operate with a lower capacity output, requiring precise design to ensure optimal functionality. Failure to accurately gauge the heating requirements can lead to badly heated homes, and inefficiency for homeowners. Undersized systems struggle to adequately warm the property, while oversized ones result in unnecessary energy consumption and reduced efficiency.
It’s not unheard of for heat pump installations falling short of expectations, leaving properties inadequately heated or burdening owners with exorbitant running costs. A meticulous room-by-room heat loss calculation offers invaluable insight into the property’s total heat loss, enabling the proper specification of heat pumps and heating distribution systems tailored to individual room requirements. By optimising the system for the lowest feasible flow temperature, efficiency is maximised, ultimately translating to minimised running expenses.
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Certification Logos for CLE Building & Mechanical
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How is a heat loss calculation performed?

Heat loss assessments, crucial for sizing heat pumps and ensuring compliance with industry standards such as those set forth by CIBSE and MCS, rely on a meticulous process. Various factors, including external temperatures, desired room temperatures, and building fabric composition, are meticulously considered. Climate data specific to the property, alongside architectural plans and construction details, form the foundation of this assessment.

The following factors are considered in heat loss calculation for new build:

New Build

For new construction or renovation projects, heat loss calculations are carried out using available architectural plans and construction specs. Key requirements include architectural floor plans, elevation drawings, construction details, and heating distribution plans.

These details, then inputted into specialised software, facilitate a comprehensive room-by-room assessment of heat loss. Backed up with this data, designers can accurately specify heat pump systems and distribution mechanisms, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency for the property.

In short, ensuring a thorough room-by-room heat loss calculation is crucial for optimizing the performance of your heat pump system. By accurately assessing the heat needed to maintain a comfortable indoor environment, you can steer clear of the pitfalls of oversizing or undersizing your system, ultimately avoiding energy wastage and inefficiency.

CLE Building & Mechanical provides tailored room-by-room heat loss calculation services, and investing in this calculation is a smart move. It equips you with the necessary information to make an informed decision about whether a heat pump is the right fit for your property.

If you’re interested in a fully MCS compliant room-by-room heat loss calculation for your project, feel free to reach out to us via the tab below. Let CLE Building & Mechanical provide you with the insights you need to make the best choice for your heating needs.


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Certification Logos for CLE Building & Mechanical
Certification Logos for CLE Building & Mechanical
Certification Logos for CLE Building & Mechanical

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